Giveaway: Orkin Fact or Fake Quiz

If bugs have ever been an issue at any point in your life, you’ve likely done research and gotten conflicting information. It seriously gets to the point where you don’t know what to believe anymore. Any of these sound familiar? Daddy Longlegs are poisonous Mosquitos Prefer Adults over children Ants can survive underwater Well do […]

Giveaway: Raw, Organic Shea Butter. #BeautyByShea

Growing up, we would put whatever lotions we had available on our arms and legs. We’d top it off by spraying on perfume. On our clothes, on our necks, a little under the dress and a finishing feminine shot on the wrist. We’d then rub that perfumed wrist against the other to share the sweet […]

Organic Black Matcha Tea #Giveaway

Hopefully you got around to reading my review on the Organic Black Matcha Tea from Matcha DNA. If not, be sure to check it out. This is a great matcha for tea lovers and it’s versatile so you can use it in hot and cold drinks as well as recipes. I love it best hot […]

#Giveaway: Anytime is the Right Time for Butterball Turkey

If turkey once or twice a year just doesn’t cut it for you, you are very likely among a class of turkey lovers everywhere known as Turketarians. For us Turketarians, Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas just isn’t enough. We like to have access to moist, tender, juicy turkey all year round. If you didn’t know, Butterball […]

Flash Giveaway: Win Muvee Reveal Software valued at $79.99. Ends Tommorow!! *Rafflecopter

Hopefully you saw my Muvee Reveal 11 software review in the previous post. If you did, you know what it can do for you when it comes to home movies using your photos and videos and how it can make creating them very simple. Well I have the opportunity to give a copy away to one […]

Giveaway: Still Looking For the Perfect Gift? Give the Gift of Music with Music & Arts!

Christmas is almost here. Chances are, under your tree you’ll find something electronic, an appliance or perhaps even a toy that is sure to bring joy to the receiver. As the one giving out these gifts, it’s sure to bring joy to your heart as well just seeing their reaction as they rip into each […]

The Uglee Pen: An Ergonomic Pen for All of Your Writing Needs #giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. So, where does the name Uglee Pen come from? Well, it’s the Ultimate Grip pen invented by Dr. Lee. Yup, it’s a pen that was invented by a doctor. The Uglee Pen is an ergonomic pen that comes with the grip already permanently attached. The […]

Giveaway: What Kind of Turketarian Are You?


Whether you enjoy turkey only during the holidays or throughout the year, you have qualified as an official Turketarian. Figuring out just what kind of Turketarian you are, though, may be what you haven’t figured out. There’s a cute little Butterball app that will help you figure out just that. I took the quiz to […]

Giveaway: Basic Talk Home Phone Service

There are some good reasons that I can give for having home phone service. For me personally, i’m a stay at home mom and having a home phone is the way my husband and I keep in touch and the way we contact our children when we’re out and about. I don’t see the need […]

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