Garden of Life: Finally an Organic Vitamin Made from Real Food!


  Organic vitamins. Now that’s one you don’t hear. At least I don’t recall EVER hearing of them before the new Kind Organics line of products by Garden of Life. They don’t contain GMOs and they’re made from REAL FOODS. Guys, guess what. They didn’t forget you either because your health is important too!   As you […]

Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil: Learn Some of the Uses of Tea Tree Oil #teatreeoil

  In the past, i’ve heard of a couple of uses for tea tree oil. One being it’s ability to kill off infections and another being that it can remove skin tags. These two reasons alone are enough to have tea tree oil in my home. More recently, i’ve learned that it has even more uses than […]

Giveaway: Raw, Organic Shea Butter. #BeautyByShea

Growing up, we would put whatever lotions we had available on our arms and legs. We’d top it off by spraying on perfume. On our clothes, on our necks, a little under the dress and a finishing feminine shot on the wrist. We’d then rub that perfumed wrist against the other to share the sweet […]

Dust Off That Juicer and Try This Healthy Carrot Juice Recipe

This video is being shared courtesy of Fly Diva Styles. Be sure to check out her blog and Youtube Channel for ethnic hair care, outfit suggestions, reviews and more recipes!

My Oil-Pulling Miracle: I’m Living Proof that it Works

You’ve likely heard of the benefit claims of oil pulling. It’s said to boost your health, whiten your teeth, deter tooth sensitivity and can even save you from a cavity. Well, these are the claims that I heard while digging deeper to find out just what oil pulling could do for someone. Problem is, i’ve […]

Life and Food Yacon Syrup

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Did you see the episode of Dr Oz where he discussed the benefits of Yacon syrup?  Yeah, neither did I. Had to do the research for myself and they sound quite promising. I’d also not known about prebiotics to be honest, but i’ve learned that […]

Using Cinnamon to Bring Blood Glucose Down

I recently wrote about my dad and how he has many health conditions. Among them is diabetes. He’s staying here with me and two of my siblings and I often trade off in being home to be available for him to tend to his needs and any emergencies. Now, a quick fix for low glucose […]

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