Garden of Life: Finally an Organic Vitamin Made from Real Food!


  Organic vitamins. Now that’s one you don’t hear. At least I don’t recall EVER hearing of them before the new Kind Organics line of products by Garden of Life. They don’t contain GMOs and they’re made from REAL FOODS. Guys, guess what. They didn’t forget you either because your health is important too!   As you […]

Garden of Life: Perfect Food Raw Review

My mom recently pointed out how it’s like food is designed simply to fill our bellies. By that she meant that there’s really no nutritional value. It’s really sad. We buy fruits and vegetables to feed our families because indeed food used to have healing properties. This was before pesticides, GMO’s, additives, preservatives, artificial colors […]

Sleepytime Organic Tart Cherry Juice: Yummy Help for Insomnia and More


Insomnia is not something I personally suffer from, but from what i’ve heard from some in my social circles, it’s no fun. The late nights and having a desire to sleep, but sleep won’t come. I’ve personally suffered from sleep disruption, and my husband has it pretty bad as well. I feel bad for him […]

Uni 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil


I’ve heard of Argan Oil. It was one of those things that for me, suddenly appeared on the scene. I assumed it must have been something good, but never bothered to really research it. This was partially due to the fact that many of the products just cost a lot more than I was willing […]

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter has everything to love for those who are seeking a natural way to care for hair, skin and even lips. Since it’s 100% pure, unrefined and organic, you can count on it’s safety and efficiency. Some other benefits include that it’s deep absorbing and will provide hasting moisturization. This is great […]

Giveaway: Raw, Organic Shea Butter. #BeautyByShea

Growing up, we would put whatever lotions we had available on our arms and legs. We’d top it off by spraying on perfume. On our clothes, on our necks, a little under the dress and a finishing feminine shot on the wrist. We’d then rub that perfumed wrist against the other to share the sweet […]

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